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The Beaches Block is located on the corner of Bank and Columbus Street in the heart of the Seymour historic shopping district.  Housed on the site of the former Seymour Furniture Company, the building was purchased by two local architects in 1994 to prevent demolition of the adjacent wood frame building.  With an excess of enthusiasm and dearth of funds, the architects founded a group-antique shop that would eventually become the anchor tenant of the downtown shopping district, opening the shop in phases as each floor was renovated with a small staff of architectural interns, working weekends and nights.  The antique shop rented space to individual antique dealers who would come in and setup their wares on an ever-changing basis.  Many of those dealers then went on to start their own shops within the downtown district, creating the hub of what is today the Seymour historic shopping district.  The building was refurbished and modernized in 2014 with the support of the Community Economic Development Fund and now boasts 3 levels of retail, studio and commercial space.  The antique shop, dealers, and architects are still here, housed in the wood frame building that was threatened with demolition and the architects can still be found on the weekends, restoring old buildings.  Some things never change.

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